The Mindy Project Season One Review “Bunk Bed”

On the latest episode of "The Mindy Project," entitled "Bunk Bed," Mindy tried her best to get in touch with her mothering side, and though it was tough going at times, there may be a mommy in there somewhere. It all started when Mindy found herself missing out on her BFF Gwen time more than she’d like. So, she invited her and her daughter to join her for a weekend getaway back at her place for a change.

Actually, she had really meant just Gwen, but as her hubby was out of town, she couldn’t very well leave her behind, so Mindy begrudgingly agreed that her daughter could come with. Only one problem: she wanted to sleep in a bunk bed. It seems a bit too far to go to actually go out and buy one for someone only staying a night or two, and I was sort of surprised that Gwen didn’t object more to that aspect of it, but Mindy bought the bed anyway, which led to problem number two: she had no idea how to assemble it.



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