The New Normal Season 1 Review “Stay-at-Home Dad” – Bryan and David Try Out Parenthood

Okay, I suppose I have not been as forthright as I could be with my recaps about The New Normal. I am, in my heart, kind to this show. I do like it. But, I guess I’d better put my foot down and say what needs to be said–there are some drudging moments in this show.

I think I kind of got to my limit with this episode, "Stay-at-Home Dad." The idea for the episode, which deals with Bryan and David taking care of a child by using Shania as a test run while Goldie goes to aspa resort for the week, is great, but here’s what pushed me over the edge:

Déjà vu: Haven’t we seen this story before on this show? I mean, we haven’t seen them take care of Shania in this fashion before, but we’ve had a lot of episodes about them learning the same thing about parenthood. By this time in the series, they should know that parenthood is hard. You cannot control any aspect of parenthood, Bryan and David.


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