Vegas Season 1 Review “From This Day Forward”

Vegas threw so much at us this week that I’m not really sure where to start. We got a glimpse into Ralph’s past, Jack and Mia finally told Johnny about their relationship, Dixon and Yvonne went out on a not-date, Vince looked for a rat, and Catherine got more awesome.

A few thoughts about "From This Day Forward":

There were a couple of cases going on again this week, but one was significantly more interesting than the other. The less interesting case was a woman who came to Ralph to report that some thugs had beat up her husband the night before. The woman, Barbara, happened to be Ralph’s old flame. Some years ago, after Ralph’s wife died, he and Barbara started dating and apparently were pretty serious. However, when Barbara realized that Ralph was still holding on to the memory of his late wife, she left him and married some rich guy. Apparently Richy Rich wasn’t all that rich anymore. He’d made some bad investments and was pretty much broke. The guys who roughed him up were a couple of loan sharks to whom he owed money. Ralph went and got the money back for him and advised him to tell Barbara what was really going on. Although that case wasn’t necessarily all that interesting, the conversations between Ralph and Barbara were. Matters of the heart are always complicated and rarely do they make much sense. Barbara never really stopped loving Ralph, but she just wasn’t willing to live with the ghost of Ralph’s wife. I can’t say that I blame her. But that’s exactly what she did to her husband. She didn’t love him. Not really. And their whole lives together were clouded by memories and longing for Ralph. Part of the problem for Ralph was that he never really got closure about Barbara. Her coming back to Las Vegas allowed him to do that. It also allowed him to see that some things need to remain in the past.



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