Seder Anything--> Character Development? Or Undevelopment

This week's episode opens with another Blair nightmare as she's freaking over her future. We all know that when Blair is F.I.N.E (Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional) she does some pretty shady things to protect herself and get herself out of tight situations. This week that involved selling Nate out to his grandfather in order to make sure Nate maintains the pretty little picture Grandpa Control Freak has in his head. In her mind, where everything is like those old movies she watches, she figures she can pull this one last con and she and Nate will live happily ever after at Yale. I love her, but you'd think after all the world crushing reality checks she's had, she'd actually start living in reality. Guess not.

Nate finds out, is all shocked and hurt. Why? After all these years of knowing her, how could he be surprised over her skewed sense of morality and warped ethics? And it takes Chuck to say that for Nate to realize that he's being a reject? Wtf. Ok, I'm not saying that what she did wasn't completely messed up, but I am saying that if Nate is with her, than he should just accept that side of her. It's not always going to be kissing in the park on a snowy day with this girl and he should know it. Nuff said.

Oh Chuck. Here he is as the voice of reason for Nate. He must have had just the right amount of Cognac this episode.....We see his remorse over what he did to little J and he became that much more endearing to his fantastic fan base. There was just something a little sweet and sad when he pushes that glass of scotch away. We love you Chuck.

And what is going on with this completely insane love triangle between Serena, Gabriel, and Poppy? Is she just that bored to where she’s resorted to playing horrible tricks on Serena to keep herself entertained? Stay tuned.


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