The Remains of J => Breaking Down the WTF

So Serena sucked big time in taking over Little J's birthday, ruining it, and then running off with absolutely no real backlash or apology for being a selfish git. All the while Jenny's feelings and position get cast aside as the whining of a spoiled teen (which this time is actually un-fair).

== Go Team Jenny & Boo to Serena's FAIL

PS How old is Poppy that she's jet setting all over the place and living with some random guy? If she's Serena's age, where are her parents?

==To Poppy's Parent--> FAIL

Now to the juicy bits that sent our eyes popping out of our heads and had us saying a big WTF at the end: Blair|Nate and Chuck|Vanessa

Strangely enough, Vanessa warrants the first mention in this weeks WTF. Her character development has to be the strangest and most unbelievable. I have to say that I have mixed feelings when it comes to Vanessa. On one hand, she's this smart, deep, beautiful girl, who works hard and has a good head on her shoulders; which begs the question how a character like this could be in GG? She's all about the anti-drama, being real, and having a normal existence yet we find her on GG? It feels like the writers are forcing this character to act in ways that are in direct opposition with the way they wrote her. The Vanessas of the world would have nothing to do with the Nate Archibalds no matter how prince charming or nice they seemed to be. Nate stands for almost everything Vanessa hates, so I have no idea how they even got together in the first place beyond the fact that they're both good looking. Vanessa was written as no crap taker with proper morals and ethics and now she's this whiny thing pining away for the King of Vapid Flatness Nate Archibald and gets suckered into the bed of walking STD Chuck Bass? (I still love Nate and Chuck btw don't get it twisted)

== --Points for inappropriate and unrealistic character development and butchering a potential role model

On to Mr. Archibald. I'm not hating his decisions this week. It's like he woke up and realized that his relationship with Vanessa was based on nothing and would fall apart under the slightest bit of scrutiny. Oh that's right, after the 5 millionth thing to threaten their flimsy relationship, it finally did fall apart. From his side of things, it looked like they were only together so that he could get a consistent amount of support and love which his family and friends weren't giving (and to them I give a big FAIL). He finally gets his family back, as well as a sense of self worth and direction; so he really doesn't need Vanessa anymore. With that, she's out the door and guess who walks in? Miss Blair Waldorf. Ok, I see why he would want to be with her. She knows him better than just about anyone (she actually has great insight when she's looking beyond herself), she fits into his world and understands it, and she knows how to stand by him based on the rules of that world. And I think that he's been through enough crap where he's no longer so extremely clueless and could actually be a good friend and bf for Miss Blair. Face it ppl, Vanessa would never have survived Nate's world. And remember that while she was trying to save him from that world, he never actually asked or seemed interested in being saved. She was just like a Vacation. Harsh but honest.

== Kuddos Mr. Archibald for manning up, picking a direction, and behaving the way your character was written

Note: No one forgets that Nate is a fickle bed hopper but I'm trying to keep the faith.

Oh to Chuck|Blair. Are they two totally messed up individuals that fit well together, yes. Do they love each other, yes. Do they work, no (for right now anyway). People are coming down on Blair for moving on so quickly, but I don't think that's fair. She did everything she could for Chuck and consistently got tossed aside and walked over for it. She had her breaking point. It's understandable. He was too little, too late; especially when she nee


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