New Girl Review: Monsoon Bedding

Not New Girl's finest hour. While "A Father's Love" did attempt to tug on the viewer's heartstrings, it for the most part failed to actually make me laugh for the majority of the half hour. As always, Schmidt had the winning lines, but tonight's episode banked too hard on horse semen and a weird Nick diabetic dance to carry the laughs.

It's interesting watching New Girl when it tries to do serious and heartfelt. I remember liking the episode last season called "The Injury" but also thinking it wasn't all that funny. It must be a difficult balance to strike: to be hilarious and also warm. But other comedies do it better. I'm thinking of Parks and Recreation in particular, that allows its well-developed characters to be themselves and create their own moments. So maybe it was the the appearance of Nick's father that didn't quite do it for me? Read More...


| Jan 18, 2013 11:16PM EST
Thanks for your thoughts. The ladies in my office at DISH said the same thing about the episode being too serious for itself. But I find that the heartfelt moments are what I like most about New Girl, so I can’t wait to get back into town and watch this episode. I didn’t have any time to set it to record before I left, but that is fine because I have a DISH Hopper. It auto-records all the primetime shows on the big four networks and stores them for 8 days with its PrimeTime Anytime feature. So now, no matter how busy I am, my favorite shows are always ready for me.

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