Dyosnisian Wha???

Ok, so I realize this is an escapist show totally devoid of realty and that's what makes a lot of us watch it. We can't relate to any of these people's issues in a real way. Alright, I'm good with that. But the title of this episode irritates the crap out of me. This show is written for a teen audience and most people are not going to understand the title, let alone relate it to the Greek God of wine, partying, and indecent behavior. Leave it to the writers of this show to title an episode using a phrase that no human being, outside of a grad school lecture hall, would ever use. -_-

Lets look at what happened this week:

To get it out of the way: Yes, Navid and Ade have completely lost touch with reality and Navid proves in this episode that he is a completely fictitious character because I know of no guy on earth that would do what he's done. Ladies, this is that guy we all dream of that will love us no matter what, give up his whole life for us, and put us above himself consistently and forever. These two characters live in dream world where a pregnant recovering drug addict and a handsome millionaire fall in love and live happily ever after. Not even in Beverly Hills. Even through all that, I still like them. So right now, I'll just have to bear this mush...and I'm sure Ade's mom realized how much cash and how well supported her daughter would be if she married Navid. This is the reason she's letting this go down. Not that I support that kind of sneaky, but good lookin out Momma D.

Ratings: They get no points positive or negative because the situation is too fictitious to rate without me having to reconsider Santa and the Easter Bunny.

To Silver: Get over it.

She spent most of her time, before she found out she was bi-polar, writing nasty blogs that embarrassed and humiliated a ton of people. Now it's being directed at her. Pay back is a biotch, but she shouldn't have dished it out if she couldn't take it. So people are talking mad smack, so what? Didn't they call her a heinous biotch before for all the blogging and what not? Why the hell should she care what these people think now? She needs to be grateful that her boyfriend stayed with her crazy ass and work her stuff out.

P.S. That Catholic chick was crazy in the in the "back up before I mace yo a**" kind of way.

To Naomi: Are you on crack?

This boy (Liam) uses her as a booty call, treats her like she's a moron, and ignores her when they're not doing it. O_O This is what we in the real world call a FAIL. This is where females across the nation roll their eyes and want to do a round house kick at Naomi's head. The real FAIL here isn't that Liam is messing with her head, it's that he tells her like it is straight up and this crazy women hears something completely different. Has relationship phobia, COME ON! Girls that do this kind of crap are like crack heads, but at least the crack heads have a reason for the delusions.

Rating: I give her negative points for an over use of Bill Invual's "here's your sign" gag (youtube it).

To Annie: I'm officially making it a point to not comment on her one way or the other unless she does something overly irritating and worth ranting over. Otherwise, I'm going to pretend that she's not there. Her character is like a bad case of pink eye for this show....She did, however, have one moment this week where she was telling Liam he was loser and I didn't dislike her so much. Points to her for not being sucked into the bad boy love fest and calling him out on his BS.

PS. You can totally tell that Annie (Shenae) and Naomi (AnnaLynne) can't stand each other. At least Kelly and Brenda could fake it....

What made this episode worth watching: It was in the last 2 minutes where Naomi's sister (someone you'd probably want to trip) tell Ethan she wasn't going to tell Naomi that SHE, Naomi's sister, was his first. People, this is a WTF and O_O moment. I hope Naomi lays her out ;D



Default avatar cat
May 3, 2009 5:31PM EDT

correction " Bill Ingval" :)

Default avatar cat
May 3, 2009 5:34PM EDT

and I agree with you about Annie... she's so f*cking boring! Hopefully this week she actually does something INTERESTING with the whole Liam drama... like sleep with him or something... she needs to break out of this boring shell...

May 4, 2009 2:36PM EDT

tru_mamacita: Thank you:)
I just find Annie terribly annoying. If they manage to write her some material that changes that then, yay, but I doubt they'll be able to change her annoying factor no matter how interesting her story line gets....

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