Cougar Town Review: Taco Rug Now

"I Need to Know" played up Jules’ constant need for affection from Travis and while the conversations Jules had with her son tend to be incredibly neurotic, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This mother's obsessive love for her child is always at the top of my likes list for Cougar Town, perhaps because I sometimes see glimpses of my own relationship with my mom in them (love you, Mom!), so the running gags of Jules having a first date with Travis, and later calling him and trying to keep it casual in an attempt to see him again, was pure Cougar Town.

Plus, who doesn’t love running commentary on Game of Thrones during family night? I’m sure all of our lives are richer for knowing just how Jules’ boobs have changed through her life thanks to Travis, and it can also be a chance to comment on the freedom of premium cable. So, which person in Game of Thrones is from the future? Read More...


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