How Quentin Tarantino Got Those Crazy Blood Spurts in Django Unchained

There's a striking shot in the trailer for Django Unchained where a sharp-shooting Jamie Foxx blasts an evildoer off his horse, spraying the cotton fields with blood in extreme close-up. Consider that a mere appetizer, though, for the bloody feast that is the actual feature. In Quentin Tarantino's Django world, characters don't simply get shot and then bloodlessly slump to the ground; instead, they're blasted backward as a gigantic (and chunky) crimson geyser erupts from their wound. How did Tarantino do it? We rang up Django's special-effects coordinator, John McLeod, for the lowdown on all of that spilled blood.

"Actually, Quentin gave us quite a bit of direction on all of those scenes," said McLeod, who was responsible for concocting a blood bag that would be hidden in the actor's outfit, then triggered to explode outward — a "hit." Read More...


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