The Mindy Project Recap: Script Doctoring

This felt like a throwback episode for our fledgling Mindy Project, which my Internet detective work indicates it likely was. (The production code number places its inception before Thanksgiving, even though it’s not running until now, at least according to Wikipedia.) The hallmarks of earlier episodes reappeared: Mindy’s introductory voice-over, opining about her carriage-ride date feeling like an HBO adaptation of an Edith Wharton novel, evoked a nostalgia for four long months ago when Mindy was new and unequivocally promising. Usually voice-over lends little more than an irksome quality (see: Grey’s Anatomy) to any given production, but Mindy’s sly skewering of romantic-comedy tropes made it okay. And her trick of always cutting to her character actually waxing philosophical like a rom-com heroine — making the seeming voice-over into just dialogue — works perfectly for this show. Read More...


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