Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes--> O_O

Ok, so the Poppy question has been answered. She and her boyfriend Gabriel are con artists and are taking the upper east side for all it's worth. This includes one Mr. Rufus Humphry who just lost everything by investing in this crap con. Right now it looks like there's going to be a literal twist to the jokes about the Humphry's poverty. How f*d up do you have to be to con a hard working man out of everything? Poor Rufus. Maybe Jenny could sell her hair to a drag queen wig shop? Cater waiter your heart out Dan!

Along for the con ride is our lovely Serena, who at the end of the episode got pulled in further by Miss Lifton as she pretended that Gabriel robbed her as well. Hopefully Chuck and Blair come to the rescue and make those two wish for death. It looks like Miss Georgina Sparks may take Blair's spot in the wrath that falls upon Gabriel and Poppy if Blair decides to cuddle up to Nate in Murray Hill. Looks like Blair has some decision making to do. And what goodies are in store for us now that Georgina is back? We all know that girl couldn't go straight even if meant a mall of free Manolo's. I'm excited :D

Character Comments:

Rufus: Oh too proud to admit defeat and walks into con.

Lesson: Don't be too proud to ask for help.

Serena: So blind to bliss she misses big clues about her beau.

Note: How naive is this chick that misses the big con parts? >_< Blair maybe crazy, but no one is conning her (except maybe Chuck, but that's to get her back and she respects that). So if Blair's bs meter is going off, listen up!

Blair: Needs to make up her f*ing mind and stick to one decision. Nate or Chuck. Clear this up so you can get back in the game. We need the Wrath of the Waldorf for whats coming next, I can feel it. :D


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