The Lying Game Review: Amazeballs

Emotions were flying on The Lying Game this week, and while some were falling in love, others were getting their hearts broken. Whether it's the quadrangle of Ethan, Sutton, Emma and Thayer... or the triangle Laurel, Jordan and Mads... love is in the air!

It was unexpected, but I like Jordan. You'd think having spent any time under the same roof as Rebecca would have tarnished him in some way, but he's a cool guy. Sutton almost got herself into a sticky situation by visiting Ethan when Jordan visited because he mistook her for Emma. I'd like to know how it's going to work with Sutton being Ms. Honest.

How long does she think it will take before someone sees both she and Emma at two different places at the same time? They barely see each other, let alone have debriefing time to get their stories straight. Read More...


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