'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Mona-Mania'

In the words of Golden Globe-winner Lena Dunham: Thank you Chad Lowe...for being so creepy! Ever since we learned during the Halloween episode that Aria's dear old dad met with Ali the night of her disappearance, he's been acting increasingly suspicious (and guilty). Byron tries smoothing things over with Aria, apologizing for believing she had anything to do with the shed fire that hurt Meredith, but Aria isn't exactly warming up to him.

Meanwhile, under the cover of darkness at Rosewood High, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are sneaking back into Creepy's Closet to retrieve Ali's diary—except all of his belongings are gone and the girls aren't alone. A hooded black figure runs out of the room, but no one get a good look at him/her. They spot the diary, or what they think is the diary, opening it to reveal a note from A: "Keep moving, ladies. Nothing to see here." Read More...



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