'Warm Bodies' Sneak Peek: Check Out EXCLUSIVE Nicholas Hoult Image, Sample Movie's Music

Only three little weeks left until "Warm Bodies" finally hits theaters! Have you purchased your tickets yet? Maybe you need some incentive via another one of our extra-special EXCLUSIVES leading up to opening day on February 1. Today's treat is a one-two punch that includes a never-before-seen photo of R (Nicholas Hoult), as well as the unveiling of the music featured in the film.

In this new still, we see a solemn-looking R hunched over a record player in his humble abode, which is an abandoned airplane. What I like most about this photo is that it's so colorful. Sure we've seen some color in previous images, but there's something different about this one in that it doesn't seem as bleakā€”it's more sweet and sentimental. It's also a perfect complement to the second part of our "Warm Bodies" goodness: news about the music featured in the film.

Instead of assembling and releasing a standard soundtrack, Summit has stepped outside the box and packaged a bunch of the songs featured in the film into a nifty playlist on Spotify. Hopefully the music enthusiasts will appreciate how nicely the playlist sets up and supports the tone of the film. Check it out below!

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