Valley Girls: What else happened?

So I know that everyone is buzzing about the previously talked about "Valley Girls" spin-off that is supposed to be prequeled by this episode, but what else happened?

We get a lot more understanding of the development of Mrs. Lily Bass. This is great because I've been dying to see the Serena/Lily parallels and differences. Brilliant. This episode also introduced a break in the "cycle of suck" between the Vanderwoodson/Rhodes women. Are they doomed to repeat awful mistakes from mother to daughter from now until oblivion? This episode says "hell no" and I say "here-here" But lest we forget, other things did happen in this episode.

Lets take it back to the Chuck-Blair-Nate triangle. I was previously hoping that Blair's return to Nate marked the big development of both of them into more mature individuals who could have a great relationship, so on and so forth...but who was I kidding? I was dying to see Chuck and Blair back together and in this episode, we see exactly why they should. Nate's "I have no clue what's going on" attitude got stale real quick as of last episode where he pretty much stood there as Blair and Chuck came to the rescue. My hats off to Miss Blair as she sent Nate off with class and style:) This episode, Chuck came to Blair's rescue and made sure she had the night she always dreamed of. This is where we can all collectively sigh and love Chuck Bass. He's no longer playing games and is actively sacrificing himself and his happiness for the sake of the woman he loves. Finally! And I don't know about the rest, but I'm dying to see what happens in the season final:)

Side development: Anybody notice the transformation of one Miss Nelly Yuki? I did. Before Blair inducted her into one of the "Step Girls" by attempting to ruin Nelly's SAT scores so that hers looked better, Nelly Yuki was a stead fast, school oriented young woman. Now she's a socialite that has sacrificed some of her dignity to fit in.....oh how the mighty have fallen. While I have no doubt that she'll do just fine in Yale, I'm sad to see her turn so caddy and shallow.

Last minute thought: Seeing the young Mr. Vanderwoodson makes me want to puke a little for Lily's sake and I can not believe she had TWO kids with that guy! Ew and Ew.


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May 15, 2009 9:01PM EDT

i think that Lily has two kids with Keith Vanderwoodsens brother....not theres still some hope that Eric and Serena's father wont be a douche

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