My Brother's Reaper--> O_O

So Nina is an assassin demon sent out to kill the spawn of the Devil, but not Sam b/c he's special. Morgan was not so lucky. He gets tricked into going over to Tony's place, which is now the headquarters for a faith he and the remaining demons came up with revolving around the dearly departed Steve as their messiah. The followers demon out about 2 minutes after Morgan shows up and rip him to shreds and partially eat him alive O_O

Maybe I'm slow and I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't see that one coming. I thought they'd knock him out and leave him somewhere gross or maybe he fail miserably and shoot himself in the foot....Hope he climbs out of hell and goes all bad-ass....

I love the moment when Ben is super happy that his girlfriend is "JUST" a demon assassin and is not cheating on him. lol and o_O.

Sock of course ends up with a stripper clown in the end, but that was pretty much a given b/c he's "special".

Anybody weirded out by the Cult of Steve? I know I am.

And I lastly, I'm completely sad we didn't get to see Ted get his butt kicked. He most certainly deserved it and I feel we missed out....


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