Nashville Recap: Scruff Riders

There’s this old joke by the comedian Garry Shandling that I’ve always loved: He takes this girl, on a first date, to see the movie E.T. She sits quietly and watches as a three-foot-tall alien lands on Earth, ends up in young Elliot’s closet, and tries to contact the mothership. But during the scene where Elliot and his friends take flight on their bicycles, she rolls her eyes and mutters: "Yeah, right."

That was sort of the way I felt about last night’s episode of Nashville. Sure, with any soap-opera-ish show, there are going to be far-fetched plot twists and over-the-top characterizations. But still, the show has to have its own internal logic. It has to feel somehow plausible in the world that it has created. Nashville has been really good at making its soap-opera excesses feel, well, normal. Last night’s episode had me rolling my eyes several times and muttering, "Yeah, right." Read More...


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