American Horror Story Recap: The Queen of Candyland

Before we get started here, let me just apologize if I lack pep. I've got whatever horrible illness is going around, and I'm NyQuil-ed to the gills. Side note: Did you know that if you turn off the sound to American Horror Story and play Sophie B. Hawkins's "As I Lay Me Down," the whole things syncs up perfectly? It's true.

This wasn't my favorite episode. It didn't go full-bore insane, and it was falling all over itself to try to get things wrapped up for the finale, which meant flashing forward, then back, then forward, then back again in a way that would have wearied even the most Bakula of Scotts. Perhaps that's because we only have one more episode to go and lots of unanswered questions. Like, for instance, "What?" Read More...


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