'Scandal' creator Shonda Rhimes: Olivia Pope is an antihero

The company line on "Scandal" is that Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her colleagues at Olivia Pope and Associates are "gladiators in suits," white-hat-wearing good guys who will do whatever it takes to help their clients get the right outcome.But the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, doesn't really see Olivia -- who, after all, helped steal a presidential election for her candidate -- as a traditional hero."I think Olivia has always been an antihero," Rhimes told reporters on the "Scandal" set recently. "I don't think any of the characters on our show have ever been just good people doing good things for good reasons. I mean, Cyrus [Jeff Perry] is a character that I think a lot of people love and love to watch, and he murdered somebody. He had someone murdered. I don't think anyone on our show is 100 percent good."RELATED PICS: TV's antiheroes, from 'Dexter' to Don DraperRhimes also discussed where "Scandal" is headed...



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