Suits Review: Get it Together

After the emotional roller coaster that was "High Noon," Suits kicked off 2013 with its aftermath in "Blind-Sided."

Despite the fact it was Mike's first day back, he attacked the job like he'd never left. The whole time, though, it was clear he was falling apart. His relationship with Rachel was in disarray once again and the case was a catalyst for the righteous bitterness he's harbored against the people responsible for the death of his parents. If only he has listened to Harvey and sat this case out.

Instead, Mike caused a complicated firestorm for Harvey, who more or less was forced to follow through on a bribe in order to cover Mike's rear. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the episode came when Harvey told Mike to get his "shit together." If anything straightened him up, it was that. Though Mike's road to recovery is clearly long from over after such a devastating loss, he really needed the kick in the pants to move forward.

That said, moving forward was the last thing Louis was allowed to do this episode. While he still retains senior partner status, he's got anything but respect from his fellow associates. He went from the high of hiring his own top-notch associate - and apparently bedding Sheila - to associate-less and girlfriend-less in the course of the hour. No way this goes down without some backlash. Read More...


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