Parks and Recreation Review: Babe Lincoln's Gettysburgs Undress

Well, that is definitely the best bachelor party I've ever been to. On television. I mean, Andy got to play with the Colts! And Tom got to watch Ron Swanson have scotch squirted into his hands and rubbed in! The self-explanatory "Two Parties" was a fun welcome back into the world of the Parks and Recreation crew. It was a nice idea to split the men and women up and makes perfect sense Ann's party would flop.

I must admit I did wish for a little more fun in the girl's camp, but it makes perfect sense that Leslie would end up putting her concern for a park above the fun of her bachelorette party. And that she'd enlist her friends to help her dig up some ancient artifacts. Leslie's work is such a huge part of her life, it's impossible for her to escape it even for an evening with her girlfriends. Or for a lap dance from a clarinet playing Babe Lincoln. Read More...


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