'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: A $90 Million Twist

I quite enjoyed this installment of Grey's Anatomy, which is just a bit surprising because it was one of those funny episodes that pop up from time to time. One huge development notwithstanding (more on that later) most of what transpired here wasn't major at all in terms of plot. Yet this was not a "filler" episode but was, instead, extremely revealing in regards to character. As a result evenness and complexity permeated the proceedings and I found myself feeling very satisfied on the whole.

As "The End is the Beginning is the End" opened, viewers discovered that a month has elapsed since our last outing. Meredith is safely through the first trimester of her pregnancy. Derek is rehabilitating his hand. Cristina and Owen are divorced yet happily together. Richard is mourning Adele. Jackson's still sleeping with Stephanie. Alex and Jo are friends. Arizona no longer uses her cane. And Bailey is back from her honeymoon.



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