Milking a franchise for all it's worth..... Sucessfully

I have to say, I watched the first three episodes with a grain of salt. I was not impressed with the third installment of the movie franchise- and didn't have much hopes for this... Now, I find myself pleasantly surprised. It's actually pretty good.... Although, the first rule of watching is- Pretend T3 never happened (not hard, it's easily forgettable) Sarah's narrations can run a little long (lets try to keep it at 1 or 2, boys) but do make some interesting points... And the actors for Cameron and John where a good pick.

All in all- it's not the best show you will ever watch... But it does succeed where the movies did- It blows stuff up, shoots the crap out of bad guys, and even has a little fun along the way.

I give this 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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