The Vampire Diaries Recap: Stefan vs. Damon, Round One — Molly Ringwald Never Showed

Hello, everyone. I am crazy excited to be joining the Vulture team. My name is Rebecca Serle, and I write YA books about all sorts of things (you can learn a little more about me here), but never vampires because I need variety in my life. Every week in this recap space, we will engage in what I consider to be the Debate of a Generation: Stefan or Damon? I know there is some conflict among TVD fans, and to that I say, Have you seen Paul Wesley’s face and Ian Somerhalder’s abs? I think we’re all winning here. But, like with any love triangle, a choice must eventually be made, and so, we will make it. Week by week, episode by episode, shirtless scene by shirtless scene, we will soldier on until one of these brothers is crowned Elena’s forever love … or Damon and Stefan bag the whole thing for a cozy cottage upstate (just think of all the antiquing Stefan has definitely been doing!). To kick off this initial recap, I’m going to try a reality-index-like accounting and see how it goes. Are you in? Read More...


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