Parks and Recreation Recap: The Bachelor and the Bachelorette

We’re back in Pawnee! When we were last here, Leslie and Councilman Jamm made a deal to wait three months before a vote deciding the fate of Lot 48. With two weeks to go until the deadline, Councilman Jamm just up and starts construction on a new Paunch Burger. DICK MOVE, JAMM. Meanwhile, Leslie has been trying to get the Wamapoke people involved in her Pawnee Commons project even though, historically, Pawnee’s relationship with the Wamapoke has been … murder-y.

Also: It’s bachelor(ette) party time! The boys and girls shall split up for the night, like 12-year-olds at a middle-school dance. Leslie’s sounds like the fiesta that’s bound for success — "Everything that can be penis-shaped will ­be penis-shaped" is a nifty motto and is maybe something the president should consider fitting into his inaugural address, just to inspire people in these challenging times — while Ben’s bash, being Ben-themed, seems destined to be the most underwhelming bachelor party in the history of marriage. Read More...


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