Scandal Recap: Seeds of Discontent

Edison figures out that the guy Olivia was boning after they broke up was Fitz and then spends the rest of the episode hanging out in her apartment like a vengeful spirit. Olivia, you have to get your keys back before you give a casual head nod toward the door to insinuate that your former paramour should bounce. I like Edison, and I wish Fitz wasn’t such a powerfully hot piece that Olivia cannot get out of her system. RIP, Edison and Liv.

This is an episode of flashbacks and daddy issues, so we get to meet Fitz’s dad "Big Jerry" when Mellie asks for his help on the campaign. A governor, a senator, a national treasure, and a bit of a philandering asshole, Big Jer brings out the petulant, combative teenager in Fitz, who is reluctant to have him onboard. There is a lot of fatherly tension that manifests itself in some uncomfortable drunken sexual aggression toward Liv in an elevator, and an angry bout of wood-chopping (not a euphemism), but Big Jer has a heart attack and dies, giving Fitz just enough time to cry into Olivia’s boobs and get his shit together to win the presidency. Read More...


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