One Missed Call- aka- I hear Dead People.

It's not that the original (it bore the same name) broke the mold. Or that the second one went screaming in a totally different direction; in fact- up until the last 5 minutes, it was pretty accurate.

It's just... SOMETHING is missing. Where the first had some very decent scares, and an atmosphere that made something like opening a door threathing- the American version just... well... Did what American films do- take a good conscept and dumb it down. What I suggest from now on is- instead of re-doing the Japanese stories (they're always better) just buy the rights to sell and spend the money on good dubbing.

If you've seen the original story, don't bother with this on- it's WAY too watered down. If you HAVEN'T seen the Original story- forget this mess, and just stick with that one. It's in subtitles, but still far more worth it.

As always, responses are welcome- and I'm always up for learning about more Japanese horror- so spread the word.


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