Private Practice “Full Release” Season 6 Review

The penultimate episode of Private Practice finally returned to the traditional format after several weeks of character-centered episodes. The writers still managed to work in an individualized touch as viewers saw each doctor having a personal "chat" with Georgia, as she waited for her mom to give birth to her sisters.

The episode picked up with Charlotte going into labor. Cooper reassured Georgia that she would not be left alone while her sisters entered the world, as her "aunts and uncles" would be around to keep her company. Coop also tried, to no avail, to get Georgia’s aunts and Uncles to cast votes on the names for the soon to be born mini-Coops. Unsurprisingly, Charlotte vetoed their opinions and declared that the only people eligible to vote, including herself, were "Mason and those who provided genetic material." That’s you, cooper.



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