Cougar Town Season 4 Review “I Need To Know”

When a major change happens behind the scenes of a show, like Cougar Town switching networks, it’s tempting to want to pin the blame for any and all variations in quality on the shift, but I’m going to try and avoid doing that here. That is to say, I didn’t think "I Need To Know" was very good, but I think it was not-good in the way that the occasional episode of Cougar Town may always be not-good; there’s nothing about the fundamentals of the show, the relationships between the characters, that’s wrong. It’s just the percentage of plot points and jokes that end up working, is all.

So, let’s start with what did work: Jules’s weirdo relationship with her son is still as uncomfortable and funny as ever, and that first scene of "family night," where they watch Game of Thrones and she asks, "Do her nipples look like mine?", is perfectly funny. Also hilarious: the completely unexplained photoshoot where the men reenact the cover of Three Men and a Baby, which inspires them to grow mustaches, and the way Busy Phillips as Laurie delivers the "Fact." that she just tacks onto patentlyfalse statements. I want a whole episode about Laurie asserting things are true like that.



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