Elementary (CBS): A Closer Look At Three Pivotal Moments From “M”

There will be no new Elementary tonight, a fact that I’m sure saddens all of you as much as it saddens me, but coming off of "M," the series’ best episode to date, we could all use a few extra days to process the episode’s climactic events before jumping back into the action.

"M" could represent a turning point for Elementary, moving it from being an above average procedural to one of the best dramas on network television. Aside from being an excellent showpiece for Jonny Lee Miller (I strongly suspect I’ll be pulling for him come Emmy season), "M" deepened Sherlock and Watson’s relationship, fleshed out Sherlock’s backstory in a meaningful way and set up an ongoing storyline that has the potential to fuel the series for years to come. Not too shabby for a single hour of television.



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