CSI Season 13 Review “Dead Air” – Just…Argh!!

As a fan of GSR (the pairing, not the residue), what can I say about "Dead Air," this week’s episode ofCSI? On the one hand, I want to do a little dance because we got to hear Grissom’s voice…but on the other, I harbor deep concerns over the rest of the phone call between him and Sara, the part we didn’t get to hear.

I suppose I can’t be a hypocrite and say that I wish the writers would just leave them alone, because I’m always an advocate of character change and character growth, but I think in this case I was willing to make an exception. It’s easier to do that when only one character is actually on the show; if they both were, and still had to deal with each other in the halls of the lab, I’d be much more inclined to say "bring on the drama!" As it is, after so many years of UST that was finally resolved in a very satisfying way, I just want them to be happy in their unconventional relationship.



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