Supernatural Season 8 Review “Torn and Frayed” – Sam and Dean Make Huge Sacrifices

In this episode of Supernatural, one angel is kidnapped, another angel begins to discover a startling truth, and the boys give each other the biggest sacrifices they ever have.

So how about that hilarious feel-good ending we got in this episode, folks? Wasn’t that just a laugh-riot? Oh wait, that’s the exact opposite of what it was. I was so in shock during the last minute of this episode, I still can’t really put a name to the feelings it evoked in me. If I had to quantify what I felt, it would be a combination of things such as sadness, horror, dismay, shame and other not-so-fun feelings. Actually, I think the best way to describe it is to borrow the show’s title, because "torn and frayed" sounds pretty accurate to me. 



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