Nashville Season 1 Review “I’m Sorry for You, My Friend” – Red Lips, White Lies

Rayna and Juliette kicked off their tour in "I’m Sorry for You, My Friend," this week’s episode ofNashville, but not without a fair bit of drama…which is exactly what I wanted. How could there not be drama with Juliette around. The girl’s a walking train wreck.

After leaving her husband at the altar, Juliette tried to throw herself into the tour while waiting for the divorce papers to be finalized, but her Tebow wanted to make the marriage disappear altogether. I’d imagine it’s easier to re-virginize after an an annulment than a divorce. At first, Juliette dug her heels in and refused, but something (and I have no idea what as it was never fully explained to us) changed her mind and she granted him the annulment. A rare moment of humanity? If so, it’s unlikely she’ll do it again as instead of thanking her, the football lug managed to grievously insult on her on his way out the door. Keep it classy, Tebow-lite! 



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