The Reaping: aka- another horror film

Reaping plot in 5 seconds.... An ex-minister, turned skeptic... Goes to a small religious town, where the 10 plagues of Egypt are being redone (only with less flare) Bringing death and destruction to all.... The town blames a little girl..... YAWN...

While I give the story full marks for originality of premise (using the 10 plagues), the story follows the same pattern of basically every 'Religious Horror' film you will ever watch. Skeptic comes in... Skeptic comes up against 'evil'.... Skeptic saves the innocent one as the rest all die.

It's a shame really- because the actress who plays the little girl is incredible in this. However- if your looking for a scare, and a look at what evil is- I would suggest skipping past this one and checking out movies such as 'Silent Hill', or the original 'The Haunting'


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