CSI:NY Season 9 Review “Nine Thirteen”

In the latest episode of "CSI: NY," somewhat cryptically entitled "Nine Thirteen" (come to think of it, so was the episode "Command + P"), we found out what that mystery was early on, when it was revealed that the murder-of-the-ep was committed at The Wentworth Building, with an address that started with the titular numbers. Part of me wondered if this was some sort of dig at the recently axed"666 Park Avenue," but it was obviously filmed before that show was cancelled, so it’s got to be a coincidence.

Whatever the case, there were some shady goings on at the Wentworth, if not necessarily supernatural-oriented. (Spoiler alert! They weren’t.) Nonetheless, as this was the 37th death that had gone down in that location since the Stock Market Crash of 1929, in which founder Wentworth himself committed suicide when he found out he’d lost everything. His girlfriend followed suit shortly thereafter, and a legend was born: the Wentworth Curse. Supposedly, the couple still roams the halls, looking for fresh meat to recruit. Mission accomplished!



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