Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “In the Name of the Brother” – Not Chip!!

Considering where Once Upon a Time left us last week, there was no way they couldn’t pick up from that exact spot in this week’s episode, "In the Name of the Brother." Belle without her memory (and shot!), Hook run over, an unconscious outsider in town, oh my! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

So, Belle is going to be all right physically, as magic can heal wounds, but it can’t restore memories without the help of a charmed talisman. The properties and limitations of Rumple’s magic have always been questionable, but this was one instance that I really did have to question. I mean, it does make for a great story as she has absolutely no memory of him, but instead of giving the benefit of the doubt to the gimpy stranger who kissed her while she was asleep, Belle chose the much more logical course of freaking the hell out and smashing the broken teacup he claimed was magic.


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