Revenge Season 2 Review “Collusion” – When Worlds Collide

Last week I complained that the two worlds of Revenge didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other anymore. In this week’s episode, "Collusion," a bridge between the two stories was forged by Conrad’s attempt to help his image by helping Jack and Declan oust the bad brothers from the Stowaway. But in true Grayson fashion (and it’s interesting to note that he did this with Ashley at his side), he turned right around and prepared to stab the Porter boys in the back when one of the brothers offered him a much better deal, wherein Conrad would get a chunk of a massive real estate coup in exchange for financing the beat-downs necessary to get the waterfront property owners to relocate.

Charlotte was totally right to treat herself to a name change for her 18th birthday. She dropped the Grayson and adopted the Clark, much to Emily’s pleasure.

Oy. This has become a show of such storytelling extremes that sometimes it takes me awhile to wrap my brain around mundane things like extortion and real estate deals. Setting that mess aside for a moment, let’s examine the stuff we actually care about.



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