House of Lies Season 2 Review “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet”

On the latest episode of "House of Lies," poor Jeannie was fit to burst on "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet. Between her panic at having remembered drunkenly confessing to Marty that she loved him but not much else, her worry that Marty would eventually recall the events as they transpired (or at leastthat particular detail- at this point, I think she’d rather he remember sleeping with her instead of saying "I love you."), and general unhappiness about having gotten an unwarranted, and essentially powerless, in-name-only pseudo-promotion, Jeannie spent most of this episode trying desperately to hold it together.

Not exactly helping matters is the addition to the Pod of Tamara (Nia Long), aka "Black Jeannie," an old classmate of Marty’s. Though Jeannie doesn’t exactly welcome her with open arms to the group, neither does she endear herself to much of anyone, particularly after futzing a deal with a potential client in Vegas. The Pod wants to push him in the direction of remodeling his casino, but Tamar thinks that the wave of the future is online gambling, and trashes the Pod’s game plan when they reject hers’, only to have her plan rejected by the client as well. Needless to say, the Pod is not thrilled at this turn of events, especially Marty, who gives Tamara a sound talking to for her going against them and losing the prospective client before roping him in entirely.



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