Better left dead

What to say about Rise.... It had promise (good actors, tried and true story theme, etc) but this ones better left dead where it lies. The story jumps right into the situation- and where in some films this is a plus- this one leaves more holes then a gopher on speed. Plus Lucy's acting seems less like the cool headed heroine she's trying to portray (think 'Resident Evil') and more like she's just so bored with the film she can't muster ANY personality or character.

The bad guys are SO cliche- I found myself laughing where I shouldn't... And the 'surprise' at the end draws more of a yawn than a gasp.

If your looking for a good action/vampire flick- look rather towards 'Underworld', 'Blade', 'Lost Boys', or Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (anime)


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