30 Days of Night

Well, I will give the director full marks for creating some interesting looking villains... The use of shadows and make-up is effectively frightening, and it's nice to see a movie that knows you don't need as much CG as everyone thinks.

Sadly, this is the ONLY thing the movie has going for it... The characters were cliche, the concept story is something that's seen a million times... And while the acting was okay (everyone acted sufficiently scared) the whispering 'what do we do now' got old fast.

Overall it was a good attempt, but the drama/suspense of the movie just didn't work- and the movie simply wasn't fast paced enough to make up for that lack.

I am a vampire movie fan, but sadly this one just didn't make the cut... Instead I recommend that you put this one back on the shelf and check out stories such as


'The Lost Boys'

'Vampire Hunter D' (anime)

'Blade 2&3' (they too are mindless, but at least they've got flash)


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