Girls Recap: Bonfire of the Boyfriends

Puppies, like boyfriends, come and go. Sometimes you have to send them back to the pet store. (No harm done, it’s only been 48 hours.) But bright, talented, attractive young people can bounce back from anything, even if they failed to feed their Giga Pets!

In this episode, the updated relationship statuses present us with new questions: Will Hannah ditch Adam for good, or let him call collect from jail? Can Elijah find a pretty-person job of his own, now that he’s lost his baby daddy? (And will it be a soul-sucking endeavor or the key to spending his twenties in fiscal solvency?) Will our remaining blissful couples ride out their honeymoon periods?

Future Republicans of America
Typically, girls are advised against dating Republicans because (1) you can’t kill your love child and (2) even if you birth the thing, who’s to say it won’t break into the gun chest as a teenager and accidentally maim you. In Girls land though, these creatures have shed their cozy pejoratives. Republicans are nice, ineffectual dudes! They drill their own hooks in the walls for those super-foldy bikes, protect your feelings, and "love how weird you are." Even if weird, in Hannah’s case, codes for self-important and annoying. How would they know the difference? They probably spent most of college in the library. (I mean, Sandy must have gone to law school at 23.) And the racist one? That would be our memoirist, a.k.a the poster child for the liberal arts education. Goodbye, Sandy! (Read Vulture's interview with Lena Dunham on the Donald Glover scenes here.) Read More...


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