Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Battle of the Booty

Every generation gets the 45-week discussion of workout videos it deserves. Kendra fired a shot across Phaedra’s bow by using the distribution deal she secured for Phaedra to film her own butt-related workout video, and now we’re going to have to talk about these two fools for the rest of the season.

Thank God we started at the Bronner Brothers hair show for a little comic relief. Cynthia was there to greet her minions and tell people that "hair … hair is everything"; Derek was there to test the load-bearing limits of his stilettos; and Miss Lawerence was there to remind me to try a red lip this season. Kenya came into the building doing a pageant wave, reminding us that she has no plans to gain perspective at any point, and then everyone stood around talking about how much they prefer Kenya’s "stallion booty" video to Phaedra’s "donkey booty" video. I officially do not understand how I have come to write about asses every single week now, and I refuse to type those two words out ever again, so I’ll refer to the videos as SB and DB from now on. Read More...


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