Saturday Night Live Analysis: What Does Jennifer Lawrence Find Funny?

Our reigning Celebrity BFF, Jennifer Lawrence, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Regardless of the episode's quality, it was definitely fun to see our girl act all goofy-like. In terms of our friendship, however, maybe more important than how she did is what the show revealed about her sense of humor. With every SNL episode, the host has a significant say in what sketches are written — at the beginning of each week, all the writers and cast gather to pitch the host a variety of sketch ideas. Though Lorne Michaels and the head writers have an influence, the host has the most say in terms of what makes it through. Of the 50 or so sketch ideas they like, only eight or so will eventually get on the air. Each episode is a reflection of what the host thinks is funny and thinks she or he is capable of doing. So what did Saturday's episode say about J-Law? Read More..


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