Dominic Monaghan On 'Wild Things' And His Obsession With Nature

Dominic Monaghan has been well-prepared for his latest TV venture, "Wild Things," for his entire life.

Besides an innate fascination with all things in nature, Monaghan's previous roles in the movie trilogy "Lord Of The Rings" and the TV show "Lost" have exposed him to natural environments he may not have experienced otherwise. To put it simply, Monaghan is an outdoorsman, and is absolutely bonkers for nature.

"Wild Things" follows Monaghan as he travels around the globe searching for nature's strangest and most beautiful creatures. Some are terrifying (cobras, tarantulas, water snakes), but all are fascinating, and Monaghan shows immense respect for the animals he encounters, and bears a level of professionalism and awe that we've seen before, embodied in the late Steve Irwin.

Huffpost TV chatted with Monaghan over the phone from Los Angeles -- he explained to us why he's so fascinated by nature, how it all began, and how he's trying to encourage people to get out and travel more often.


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