Lost Girl Review: Amnesia and Nightmares

"SubterrFaenean" was the episode of shake-ups!

Bo and Lauren were hot, hot, hot! Perhaps, more importantly, they are officially together and proved their compatibility in the bedroom. When Bo went out to work, was Lauren left waiting for her in bed?

It was a bit odd that we didn't see the doctor again. Bo and Lauren's partnership will be a complicated one. Bo's a succubus, so she's not naturally monogamous, plus, if she's not careful she could easily kill Lauren with her love. And, then there's the darkness inside Bo.

Bo's been waking up in the night due to nightmares, which seem to be related to her nearly killed a guy on the street when Dark Bo took over. Complicating the issue, she has amnesia about what she did, but she's going to have to face it at some point. Read More...



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