Naomi's Sexual Harassment Storyline - Who is at fault?

Is anyone else having a similar reaction to the Naomi sexual harassment storyline?...while she obviously made a poor decision in lying about what he said, did anyone get the feeling that for him to ask her "did you just offer to sleep with me?' is really inappropriate anyways? i was surprised by the question when i watched the scene; it did not appear to me that she was propositioning him or really even flirting, just wanting to get her way as usual. and even if she was, if you were a teacher and a student was doing that...the smartest/most appropriate move would not be to be the first one to mention sex or inappropriate conduct, right? why even plant the seed (no pun intended)? if he had just said, Naomi, my decision is final and I have work to go, please leave, or something...who would have cared whether she was trying to flirt with him or not? he is the adult/professional in the situation and is expected most of all to conduct himself as such.

Thoughts please?



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Apr 7, 2010 3:32PM EDT

i agree that it was wildly inappropriate for him to ask if that's what she was suggesting and even naomi was taken aback.. and the comment wasn't that off when it served as inspiration for her lie but it's really entertaining to see it spiralling way out of control.. i'm just hoping it leads to more annie/liam love lol..

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Apr 7, 2010 6:57PM EDT

I had the same feeling. She was being more whiny and cute then trying to be seductive when she begged to be back with the news. It was on his mind or he is too sensitive to situations like that for him to have made that fast a conclusion. And when Liam confronted him physically, idk, maybe it was in his eyes, but he looked vaguely guilty when Liam stalked off. The show is set up to have Naomi get away with her lie. Or will she end the season outcast and boyfriend-less, with Liam looking at surfer-chick again?
I don't really care for Naomi very much, and Ivy and Annie even less. Ivy is a waste with an old/ugly mother; Adrianna manages to be more endearing than Annie in their depressions (love Jessica Lowndes) and she's been through more; and Naomi may have a good heart deep down, but you'd think her personality would've warmed a bit by now. They need to keep her likable.

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Apr 8, 2010 1:28PM EDT

omg i was thinking the same thing cause when he said that i was like huh? where did that come from and naiomi could have easily mentioned that to her friends and to the principal stating that it was an inappropriate comment which made her uncomfortable which would have gotten her what she wanted her post back on the blaze and and maybe even a new staff member to assist the students. but instead what she chose to go with was this bizzare lie which i mean did she really thing that it was just gonna end there and no one would ever mention that again. naomi can be really selfish which is getting sorta old.
I can see annie and liam getting together though cause they have been hanging out a bit recently. i can tell you though i dont know if she will be forgiven anytime soon if/when everyone finds out. ans iclabon said she could end up outcast and boyfriend-less. how many episode to the end anyways?

Large newrachelimage
Apr 8, 2010 4:09PM EDT

In this past week's episode when he was talking to some other female student, I thought to myself that perhaps it will turn out that he was partaking in inappropriate conduct (with a student besides Naomi) anyway...and she will get off the hook because all of his credibility will be lost. Just a theory.

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Apr 9, 2010 6:32PM EDT

I thought the same thing! It was an innapropriate response on his part. And of course Naomi had to go twist it. But i see it ending with a lonely naomi, and liam and annie getting together.
When will naomi learn?

May 22, 2010 1:52PM EDT

EXACTLY what I felt. I was so shocked when he said that. How dare he! For goodness sake she didn't even say anything except 'please please please' and he was suddenly like 'are you offering to sleep with me'. If she was doing that she would have made it clearer anyway.I can't believe what happened at the end of the last episode 'confessions' actually happened. Eeeew. All along I was feeling slightly sorry for him (even though I was annoyed that he had implied she was offering anything. Is that what he thinks women do? Sleep with men for a stupid school news thing). Anyway yeah I really agree as what you can see from the above ^^^^^ lol.

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