'Community' videos: Get psyched for season 4 with these promos

It's been a long, long wait. And a lot has happened since we last saw "Community" on our TV screens last spring. Entire television series have come and gone. We survived that whole entire October 19 debacle. News of the departures (voluntary or otherwise) of Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase reached our ears.But now, barring a new scheduling delay by NBC, "Community" Season 4 is ready to return. What can we expect on that momentous day? Promo videos for the new season may have some answers.Granted, this is "Community" we're talking about, so those answers might be kind of weird. The general promo, for example, begins with what looks like a character being beaten with a broom. Also, Jeff (Joel McHale) and Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) have a ballroom-dancing number. There are wigs. There are random false-seriousness looks.You really have to feel sorry for a non-"Community" viewer trying to make sense of such a video....



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