'White Collar' Season 4 winter premiere: What did you think?

"White Collar" returned Tuesday night (Jan. 22), picking up right where Neal finds out Sam Phelps is really his father, James Bennett. What did you think?We thought the father-son storyline was handled beautifully. James was obviously in a lot of pain about having to leave his son so many years ago and the awkwardness about finding each other once again was palpable. It was also nice to see Peter facilitate a dinner between them, as Neal's pseudo-father. The Case of the Week was a lot of fun, counterfeiting the whiskey. We didn't even know that was a thing. And it nicely set up the over-arching mystery of who killed Dennis Flynn and who really got James to confess to the cop's murder because his family was being threatened. We figured that was the only logical explanation for why he would have confessed. Who do you think is behind it all?The last scene between James and...



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