Arrow Review: It's My Party

Moira continued to act as normal as she could knowing Walter had been kidnapped by Malcolm in "Trust but Verify," but Thea was having a very difficult time understanding why she was so level headed and wondered what the hell she was doing in Malcolm's company.

Trust was definitely the major theme of the episode and it was a painful topic for everyone involved. When your life was in the hands of a fellow soldier in a war situation, you'd naturally expect them to be there for you when it all ended. Diggle wanted so badly to believe the list was wrong that he was willing to put his faith in his past even for just a little while, in the hope the list was in error. It wasn't, and Arrow had his back, but it was a difficult lesson to learn. Digesting in a couple days what it took Oliver to learn in five years isn't an easy task to undertake. Read More...


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