Criminal Minds Review: Drained and Confused

All in all, this was a decent episode.  This was due in small part because the story continued from where we left off last week.  Like many, I watched the recap at the beginning and hoped that maybe the bullet had merely grazed Maeve's head and that she was just injured but okay.  Reid's two-week funk put that hope to rest.  You don't give a guy seven gift baskets if his girlfriend is merely recuperating. 

"Magnum Opus" refers to the greatest achievement of a writer, artist, composer or craftsman.  This gives us our clue into this week's Unsub, who decided he needed to create a great work of art by draining victims of their blood, which he then used to paint their picture.  His method evolved to the point where he removed his victims' eyelids so that they could witness him creating his art.  He left the drained bodies next to abandoned works of art too - so that the BAU could eventually realize his motive.  Which, when you think of it, was quite decent and helpful of him. Read More...


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